Friday, June 6, 2014

Five Annoyances For Friday.

Oh-Em-Gee it is finally Firday!  It feels as if this week has worked me over.  I will blame it on the wine and "Scandal" binges.

Normally Fridays are chock full of my five favorites, but this week I am doing things a bit different 'round these parts... I am sharing the top five things that irked me, made me cringe or downright just irritated the hell out of me.

Bowling, I love you.  No really I do, but here is the deal... After years and years of bowling, don't you think I should be bowling better?  Are you mad because I don't serenade you with the Grease 2 song, because I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Stupid people...  This is pretty much a given, but this week it really irks me.  I blame them for my pissy attitude and lack of faith in humanity.

Another school shooting has occurred and it just makes me downright sad to be living in a world where this is a thing.  I am not going to get all crazy political here, but what on earth is happening in today's world?  I will just go ahead and blame these people for not relishing in good wine, good friends and family, and just enjoying life.  People piss me off, but that does't mean I would shoot them.  Just sayin.

Unsolicited memories brought about by songs, musicians, etc.  It seems everything I walk into a store, turn on the radio, change the song on Spotify it is either Garth Brooks or Chris Ledoux coming through.  I.Just.Can't.Deal.  Did I do something to piss the universe off?  Is it a sign?  I am starting to not believe in coincidence anymore, so there HAS to be an underlying reason I am slowly being driven insane.  It must be karma's form of torture, but did I do?

Charles Manson Paroled Article floating around Facebook.  This lunatic did NOT get paroled and I am so sick of hoaxes and false articles that people take as the gospel.  Hello!  If it's on the internet that doesn't make it true (unless it's my blog).

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