Monday, June 2, 2014

Red, White and Boots

The first Monday of June, where the heck has the year gone to?  No seriously, this is getting slightly ridiculous!  I had a great weekend- full of booze, fun, family and friends.  It was one where I was a bad blogger and more or less lived in the moment instead of snapping pictures (with exception to the concert Friday night, because who can't not take pictures at a concert?).

Friday night's Toby concert pretty much just had me excited to wear my cowboy boots.  I love, love, love my boots!  I would wear them anywhere and everywhere.  I think I sometimes get a little over zealous in my adoration for them, but these boots are just amazing!

 I even had a complete stranger walk up to me, tell me how awesome they were and salute them!  It was an awkward but hilarious moment.

Just a quick collage of the concert going-ons....  Sisters, parents, boots and beers!

Saturday was a nice day of sunshine followed by a concert in the Village and a concert at a local bar right there in the Village.  This would be the time that I neglected any and all pictures.  I have to say it was nice to be out and about and see people I haven't seen in awhile, but it also reminded me of why I prefer being gone to the the river on weekends in summer.  As much as I love my hometown and running into people, it is sometimes too small and stifling.  I like disappearing from the crowds and not being around so much, I don't really like people all up in my business.  Which actually is a funny statement as I have a blog that I share on my Facebook and many friends and acquaintances read it.

Sunday I woke myself up, laughing hysterically about my dream which I will share at another time, because I feel like a back story needs to be given, in addition to it deserving it's own post. I pre-bowled for my Thursday night women's league and went grocery shopping and grabbed 4 bottles of wine and got a sweet wine bottle bag.  Not that I will ever use it unless I am headed back to the wine section.  I tried out the Cupcake Vineyards Angel Food white wine and it was pretty good.  Not my favorite, but still refreshing. I also signed up for 100 Happy Days challenge that I will be doing through my Instagram account.  They say 70% of people fail this challenge and do not intend to be one of them.  I started yesterday, but please feel free to join me!

Dateless in Dallas

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