Thursday, June 12, 2014

One Week and Counting!

There is so much going on for this little ol' blog today!

Today marks one week and counting to Ellie and my link up regarding those "Dating Disasters".  This will be  a monthly link up on the third Thursday of every month.  We did it this way so none of us would run out of material for the link up.  I cannot wait to read your stories and I hope you enjoy ours as well.
So who is with us?

Please don't forget to enter the "Star Spangled Banner" giveaway (enter here)!  Who doesn't just love the 4th of July?!?!  There are some amazing bloggers to follow along. $225 in Paypal cash and lots of goodies!  You know you want to enter!

A quick note, I will be needing guest bloggers the week of July 21-25th.  I am letting y'all know ahead of time so that I can get everything situated for the best week EVER aka my birthday week!

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