Wednesday, June 25, 2014

6 Months Until Christmas

It is the last Wednesday of June and I am not sad.  In fact as much as I love summer and all of it's sun shining glory, I cannot wait for autumn and winter months.  Maybe it's because today marks 6 months until Christmas Day?  I know, I know- don't talk about Christmas, but secretly I wish it was here.  This may be another story come November when I am freezing and only have one month to get a Christmas list and shopping done.

But that isn't my actual confession for today.  I have been living in lala land for quite sometime and I guess it is finally hitting me that in less than a month I will be 28...  And I am afraid of what may or may not change in the coming years.  I don't really fear age, I never have.  I blame it on always being told I have an old soul. having friend much older than me and dating men that are older.  I fear the changes that time brings with them.

Lately I have been a little more emo than usual, which is hard to admit.  I have found myself driving with tears streaming down my face for no other reason than my emotions telling me to cry because of a stupid song on the radio with no significant meaning (looking at you Miranda and "Automatic").  I blame it on the planets alignment and the moon f-ing up the tide for my inner crab.  Or maybe it's just massive pms followed by all sorts of other stress...  Either way, I need to get a grip..  No one likes a cry face- expecially when you don't even have a reason to be so damn emotional.

I probably need more sleep and need to take up meditation, but I can't sit still with my brain quiet for five seconds let alone a friggin half hour.

 I think I will just pour a glass of wine and get over my poopy mood- that sounds like the best idea I have had in quite awhile.


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