Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Blog Challenge Week # 1

Well summer is officially here.  She arrived in all her sun shiny glory this past Saturday.  It was a nice warm June day with a slight breeze that made me lust for no more work days and non-stop beach and lake days with weekend river trips.  If only I had a million dollars- I would be a water bum.

I recently joined forces with the Facebook group “#SummerBlogChallenge.”  The point is to take summer and blog once a week on a predetermined topic.  This week’s topic is summer plans.  As a working lady, my days are covered from 8-5.  Week nights are for blog ideas, laundry and bowling league with the occasional meet up with some friends.  I tend to avoid week night shenanigans like the plague, because this girl likes her sleep and being able to fully function during work.

With all of that work, I have my weekends free and sometimes take days off here and there to make longer weekends.  I love being at the river in the 100+ temperatures with a beer in my hand on a boat.  There is nothing better than that for me.  Unless of course it is some weird winter adventure I plan.

This summer I have plans of river trips, maybe even a camping trip, a bachelorette weekend in Vegas in addition to a late Mother's Day celebration with Shania Twain in Vegas, a birthday vacation which will most likely be the river (I just love it there!) and my ten year class reunion (yikes, where did ten years go?)

Every year I have great expectations of a great summer adventure, but those plans kinda fly out the window when you work 40 hours a week and summer is a busy season.  I would love to say that I am planning on white river rafting the Grand Canyon or visiting the Canadian Rockies (hello Canada in November!), but the truth is- I have already done SO much this year that maybe river trips, Vegas and lake/ beach days are a pretty darn good option!

What are your summer plans?

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