Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Yet Another Elbow Injury

Well it's a Monday/Tuesday thing going on here and I am not really sure how I feel about it. On one hand I am glad I am not hungover just tired.  The other hand is calling me a failure because on a three day weekend a girl is supposed drink her liver into over drive.  Don't get me wrong, I drank and kinda don't remember a lot from Friday night, other than there was a copious amount of Fireball Whiskey and the demon on my left shoulder was a controlling little shithead!

Saturday was filled with getting back to my Jeep and a Bloody Mary followed by more beer.  I am telling you, when I decide it's party time, I take no prisoners.  By 3 pm I was done and needed a nap.  Yes I napped on Memorial Day weekend and I am not one bit sorry for it!  There is only so much partying a girl with my experience can handle these days.  After my much needed nap I thought it was high time to start cleaning out the ol' DVR.  I came across "Scandal" and shocked myself with the fact that I had 18 freaking episodes.
No, Regina you shut up!  I was astounded that I didn't watch the entire season so I settled into about 3 episodes with my wine, sans Olivia Pope glass, and got ready.  I still have about 12 to go, but they will be gone soon enough!

Sunday I woke up with another elbow scuff approximately a half inch from the one I got two weeks ago.  I seriously have no freaking idea how I hurt myself.  None at all, but I have a cut to prove it and it's sore!  I must be a bigger klutz than originally thought!
Additionally, I wasted hours of my life reading a book series (Jessica Brodie Diaries) about some twenty something uprooting from LA and landing right outside of Austin, Texas.  At first I was jealous but as the book wore on and beat up my psyche I just started to get SUPER irritated!  Oh well, I wasted countless hours of my life but at least I finished the damn series that really could have been sped up and only had one book.

Monday was the perfect Memorial Day/ summer weekend kickoff.  No awkwardness, because let's face it- that is just how I roll.  Lots of friends and beer and just a generally great time.

And now some photos to show just how fun I really am!

Dateless in Dallas

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