Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wish Upon Wednesday- Link Up

This week I am co-hosting the "Wish Upon Wednesday" link up with Ellie over at Looking For Love Online.  Head on over and link up with us!

I have to say this week is feeling pretty long, but that is mainly because I haven't been following bedtime goals.  Also a huge contributor is getting back into my fitness regiment.  I am back at 2 miles most days and by next week I hope to be back up to 5 miles daily (or most days).

On to my wishes for the week:

I wish more people understood sarcastic humor.

I wish I would just designate time to all of those pinterest crafts I have planned.
Like this cute sweater idea.  You can find details here.

I wish I could have Bailey's in my coffee at work.

I wish it was Friday and I was at the river already!

Don't forget starting Thursday, June 19th, 2014, Ellie and I will be starting our monthly link up of "Dating Disasters"

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