Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Enough with the "Basic Bitch" Ness!

After reading "Inner Basic Bitch" on the Thought Catalog I got to thinking that maybe it is high time we stop with all this "basic bitch" "high maintenance bitch" "biker bitch" and every other type of  "bitch" there is out there.

As women we should be embracing the differences we all have as well as the similarities.  Somehow these articles are creating quite a stir on the web.  After all of these crazy "bitch" lists, I have created my own on stereotypical things that shouldn't matter and I don't give two shits about whether or not they are acceptable, because that's how I do...

Yes I enjoy trolling Target with my Starbucks in hand.
I would eat Chipotle every. single. damn. day. if possible.
I listen to country and I will not apologize for knowing 90's country and Luke Bryan's very first single ("Country Boy" if you're wondering).
I would wear yoga pants to work if it was a feasible option.
I enjoy my time on the cosmetic aisle as well as the stationary aisle.
Bobby pins are a life saver.  Same with a black hair elastic.
Sugar scrubs are more work than necessary and are only required for date nights.
Just because you bought dinner doesn't mean I have to "pay" you back.
I will drink beer because I like it,  Same goes for whiskey, wine and champagne.  There is nothing to prove here.
I will quote the shit out of "Mean Girls" "The Mindy Project" and "Bridget Jones", but mostly just MG.
I will name a dog "Waylon" not because it is trendy, but because I actually know who Waylon is.
I will blog, instagram and facebook about my fashion woes and triumphs.
I liked beards before they were trendy... Now, I still like them but I have "hispter" radar to help me out.
Artful manicures make me happy.  Get over it.
Wedges are a summer staple.

I will be me and adore what I adore and dislike what I will.

There will be no apology for any of the above, because let's face it, we all have secret small things that make us genuinely happy.

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