Monday, May 12, 2014

Freezing Temperatures and Awkward Encounters!

Oh hello there Monday!  How are you today?  Me, oh I am great, especially because I woke up to Diersk Bentley's newest video "Drunk On A Plane".  It is UH_MAZING!  You, of course, can thank me for the laugh and the envy for not being on that plane!

Friday night started off the summer concert series in Lake Arrowhead, and all though it was freezing and the band wasn't all that Great (ArrowSmith, the Aerosmith cover bad) it turned out to be quite a hilarious night.  At least the parts I remember were.  In the crowds I ran into quite a few peeps, got to say good bye to a life long friend ( moving up North), and got to have that ever dreaded awkward encounter with an ex and his fiance, or whatever she is.  It has been seven years, but I secretly relish in the fact that I dress like an adult and she dresses like I did in junior high (hello hooded sweatshirt and skater shoes).  Gosh I am so mean!  Actually the encounter wasn't all that bad and I wish him all the best...  (That was mature of me, right?)
Saturday morning found me headed back to my car with a hangover.  I am pretty sure I am the only person to ever sport sunglasses at 7 am in a parking structure before breakfast.  At least I was smiling!
 Only a bottle of champagne, orange juice, coffee, water and a bloody Mary was my solace while reading over insane drunk texts from the night before!  I have to say it is nice to have friends who also get the giggles when thinking of the shenanigans that took place the night before!

 I captured this sweet picture on Sunday while celebrating Mother's Day/ my little sister's birthday.  I am pretty sure Kay Kay Bug missed her Pa.  She is a little worker, all she wanted was for him to say she could drive his boat next weekend.  I think the answer was yes, because how can you say no to a sweet little "angel"?

Selfie- Sunday seemed appropriate, however per Kenny it should be called a "groupie" when it isn't just you.  So here is the first ever "Groupie" Sunday photo.  Don't be too jealous you didn't think of it.
 Of course there will always be silly faces and sticking tongue out pics when these munchkins are around.
 Oh, Happy Birthday Tay Tay!

Dateless in Dallas

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