Monday, May 5, 2014

Just Google "Awakward Family Photos"

Last week was LOOOOONG!  By the time Friday at 5pm rolled around I was all Schmidt style up on that!

My original Friday night plans were to attend a girl's Cinco de Mayo party but that got pushed to Saturday night.  I headed out to my weekly meet up with a couple of my girls and ended up staying out WAY too late (Hey Taylor thanks for celebrating your birthday a whole 9 days early), but had a great time.  It actually turned out to be a pretty interesting evening in which I over used the term "intriguing" and lost/left about 4 beers in random locals.  Oh well a bar tab of $8.00 ain't nothing bad.

Saturday was filled with t-ball, finishing an entire book on my kindle iPhone app and the Cinco de Mayo party.  For having to throw shit together quite quickly, it turned out to be a nice evening.  There was a lot of laughter, especially when we looked up awkward family photos.  Like, who in the right f-ing mind would take this picture?  In addition to taking the picture, who freaking shared this shit on the internet?!?!?!  A crazy person is my best guess!

Sunday rolled around and I found myself actually working on my guest post for Ellie.  I think y'all will really enjoy it!  I headed for margaritas and some beers and a little catching up with some friends.  Of course in true shitty blogger fashion- I took no photos, because I suck at life!  It was a good weekend, although I wish it was longer.

Also, just a heads up, Ellie and I will be doing a "Dating Disasters" link up starting Thursday, June 19th.  This will be a monthly link up on every third Thursday of the month.  We are looking forward to all of your disastrous stories and experiences and hope you are looking forward to ours as well.  

Dateless in Dallas

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