Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Hungover 6th of May

Well actually I am not hungover from Cinco de Drinko as I like to call it.  How many of y'all are hungover and cursing the moment you decided tequila isn't as bad as it was the last time you drank it, only to drink entirely TOO much?

Been there done that.  That is why I was fast asleep by ten pm last night.  Don't be too jealous as I have partaken in many a Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Yet, I don't recall all of the shenanigans that went down, but I do remember having a blast!

2007- Holy cow this was the best and craziest Cinco of all time.  Thankfully my girls and I had rented a hotel room and partook in some pre-gaming before we hit the town.  And by hit, I mean we partied and partied and partied.  After an all night, underage drinking binge we walked back to our hotel in the fog (it is rare for the weather to be good on Cinco and Halloween both) only to find out we were locked out.  Thankfully we had a professional wall climber who shimmied his way up the side of the hotel and on to our hotel balcony and was able to somehow get the slider open and get us into the room.  At which time this picture was taken while fully clothed in the bathtub.  Of course we ended up in the hot tub and I do believe we were able to remain quiet enough to remain there for a few hours.

2010- This was the year that I am pretty sure I dry heaved my liver into the trash can under my desk.  Ugh... Just thinking about it has my head pounding.  It started out as a Thursday Cinco that was only supposed to be one or two drinks which promptly turned into double digits.  I recall slipping and falling not once or twice but three times!  Damn you Roxy sandals for not having any tread.  I broke both acrylic thumbnails off during the falls and managed to bruise my butt down to the back of my knees on both legs.  You can call me grace!  I somehow managed to get myself left at the bar only to run into a friend from high school whose brother was picking her up.  That is one of the only times I was actually able to hitch a ride home.  I was more than inebriated, but still made it to work the next morning only to have the WORST hangover.  I was able to head out of work early, drink a beer and hop in the car for a river trip.

After those two nights, I really try to refrain from Cinco de Drinko.  It has worked out pretty well for me.

What's your craziest Cinco de Drinko?

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