Friday, May 2, 2014

Goodbye April, Greetings May

Well lookie here, it is the first Friday of May and I for one am glad to see April go!
I just had to use this, because who doesn't find this hilarious?  Slightly over-used but funny!

April wasn't a bad month as I went to Belize, but it seemed like this last week was slightly stressful for me.  For starters, we (the whole of California) are in a significantly awful drought which has brought a year round fire season about.  I don't know about y'all, but having been evacuated twice in the last 11 year is too much.  Wednesday was no bueno in my neighborhood as someone's house caught on fire, immediately catching two other houses on fire in terrible winds.  The houses were about a football field away from mine (crazy mountain roads) and luckily the first-responders had the fire knocked down quickly and efficiently.  Unfortunately the fire was so big and there were so many lookie0lous that we weren't able to stop to take pictures.  I found the below image on Cal Fire's twitter account.  I love my mountains, but sometimes it gets a little too much.

May is going to be a productive month for me.  At least I hope it will be.  I have a Color 5K next weekend, not too sure how I feel about it, but I think it will be fun.  My girls and I have decided to institute a weekly meet up on Fridays and it seems like it will work out just fine.  Sometimes it is nice to have a plan to look forward, but also have no pressure if you are wiped out from the week to attend.  I definitely don't plan on these Friday night meet ups turning into all nighters.  This girl needs sleep!

I also got word of my ten year high school reunion coming up in August and let me tell you this, I cannot believe ten years has come and gone.  It is insane to think how fast time goes by when you are not paying attention.  I wonder how many people got the announcement and though, "Oh shit, I haven't done anything cool!"

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