Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why I Heart "Throwback Thursday"

Over the last weekend I went on a scavenger hunt of sorts... The item needing to be found was my passport for my trip next month ( I swear I will tell you all about it when I get back, but until then "mum" is the word).  How does one lose their passport?  For me, I thought I put it into a folder that I would grab in the event of any emergency, such as a fire, however my genius brain filled said folder with old birthday cards...  No passport, no social security card, no birth certificate , no immunization records... I was royally fucked.  How did I hide those important items so well that I couldn't find them?!?!?!

And the search began...

I came across a box that I wasn't sure about.  As I opened the box I came across some amazing ceramic works from elementary school.

As I dug deeper I started to unearth photos from random nights with amazing friends.  Mostly drunken photos from hotel rooms before any of us were of legal age to drink.
Coming across these photos and photo albums had me realizing that I love "Throwback Thursday" because it  is an amazing reminder of what we have done in our lives.  It brings back the memories of forgotten times, the reasons we were all friends, reminders of why went separate ways or stayed close.  These photographs are proof that we lived and in living, we had one hell of a time followed by another and another and so on and so forth.  No one can take the wild and crazy nights, the laughter or tears from us.  We were young, wild, careless, but the best of friends and that in itself is the reason "Throwback Thursday" is incredibly amazing and wonderful!

What memory have you unearthed for "Throwback Thursday"?

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