Monday, March 24, 2014

When Did People Stop Having Fun?!?!

Over the last weekend I ventured to Sin City with the fam-damily to take in a Kacey Musgraves, Kip Moore and Lady A concert at Mandalay Bay and also pay tribute to my Beatle loving aunt with another showing of "LOVE".

Let me begin by saying the drive out was horrendous.  I have never ever been in stop and go traffic as much as I was this weekend on the I-15. I blame "March Madness" and all of that crap!  The traffic literally went from 0 to 70 back down to 0.  There were a few moments that I thought I was going to be rearended and my Vegas hopes and dreams were going to die right there on the 15.  Thankfully I made it one piece!

We headed over to the Mandalay Bay from the South Point in a limo (which was awesome) and were getting all sorts of excited to get our country on.  The concert was at the convention center which is pretty large and we had floor seats and it took about 20 freaking minutes to even get to the floor as the convention center employees were dumb.  We were getting all amped up with the pre-tunes and some $15 beers.  The lights went dim, smoke machine came on a Kacey emerged to a less than happy audience.  I chalked it up to them not really knowing her music, but then thought "hey wait a second this is Vegas!"  Kacey ended her pretty good set of about 4 songs approximately 10 people cheering and clapping.  Next up was Kip Moore and let me tell you, he was amazing.  He gets better with each show and more in tune with his audience and he definitely picked up on the fact that this Vegas audience was all fuddy-duddy.  He played about 6 songs, ended with "Something 'Bout A Truck" which finally got some people up and moving and maybe, dare I say it, enjoying themselves?

Unfortunately the man a section behind us waited for my parents to disappear and decided Jenn and I needed to be read the riot act on concert etiquette and the fact that we were rude for standing up and "enjoying" ourselves.  He left with a warning of "you had better not do this during Lady A or we will have issues."  I don't know what hit me but for the first time in my life I was practically speechless.  I just stared and mumbled something about "oh sorry but it's a concert and we are having fun."  The real Krista would have something along the lines of "bitch please, I paid for my ticket and you can with have fun or sit there like an old fart.  The choice is yours pal."  Instead I went to get a beer and started pondering people and the choice not to enjoy yourselves.  I know I can be obnoxious, but I wasn't being obnoxious.  I was thoroughly enjoying myself in Las Vegas not a freaking Sotheby's auction!  What happened to having fun?  Enjoying the experience?  Living and laughing and being completely unapologetic about it?!?!

This guy was a mean butthole!

As awful as this sounds, the man left such a bad taste in our beers, that we left.  We couldn't deal with it.  How sad is it that a single person can ruin an entire night for a family?  It is pretty pathetic.  If you don't want to enjoy yourself at a concert, maybe you shouldn't go?  Or maybe you should enjoy the fact that in today's world the have jumbo screen that you can see from any point of a venue.  If you don't want to have fun, don't go.

The rest of the trip was filled with fun, beer and more fun.  "Love" was an incredible as it was the first and second time I saw it.  Yet again, it seemed as if the audience wasn't all that into it.  Maybe Vegas crowds are changing or maybe I was there on boring people of the century weekend, who knows!

What is the worst experience you have had as an audience member?
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