Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Hate To Say It.....

I really hate to say this!  I hate even more the fact that I am going to share this with the blog-iverse... but... I watched "The Bachelor" season finale AND "After The Final Rose"!  (Just typing that makes me want to vomit).  **** If you haven't watched it yet, I am sharing all details so be forewarned*****

I don't know what got into me, I normally check to see who is picked via the internet and go to bed.  I could really give two shits about any part of it.  Yet for some stupid reason, Juan Pablo (JP) had me so disgusted I couldn't turn away.  It was worse than rubber necking a car accident on the side of the freeway.

JP is pretty much every girl's worst nightmare (not to mention that he wears a scarf better than a man should).  He is the guy that you look back on and say "I must have been on something stronger than alcohol when I dated him!"  I mean we all have that one guy who is completely manipulative, double talks everything, refuses labels and the term "I love you", and the whopper- his family even thinks he is a douche and tries to warn you off, yet us ladies are always in la la land saying stupid shit like "Oh no!  I know how he feels about me by the way he shows it!"  Uh... OK?

JP is completely manipulative and arrogant and you can clearly see that Clare got away lucky and Nikki is, for lack of a better term, a dumb blonde.  Poor Nikki truly believes JP loves her and she truly believes he will propose.  Unfortunately, the rest of America is saying "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  It should really say a lot that "born again virgin" Shawn was shaking his head and cringing the entire episode!!!!  (PS totally nothing wrong with born agains, Shawn was just a little too slutty to really be a BAG)

As I sat watching JP talk circles, never answer an actually questiona nd be downright rude to Chris, I began to wonder what in the f the producers saw in him in the first place.  This character had Jake and Vienna looking like a normal couple not the scum that they were.  Oh and let's not forget the fact JP refused to answer anything because he likes to keep it "personal."  You were on a national television show and now you want to keep it quiet.  Uh nope!  It's just like Shawn's wife Catherine said "Don't slap the hand that fed you."

Pretty much the only good part of any of it was the interview with Andy (the next "Bachelorette") and her enthusiasm for her upcoming season, not that I will be watching.

Did you watch the finale?  What do you think of JP?

Stay Classy.
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