Friday, March 14, 2014

Fantastical Friday

We made it to yet another Friday and I am spent after this week.

I got back into my walking every night after work (except Wednesday when I get my bowl on) and I am pretty sure it has given me insomnia.  Or it could just be the stress of life.  Either way, I really thoroughly enjoy seeing 113:0 pm and being up at 4 am.  It is so f-ing special, I tell ya!  

Enough about my insomnia (self diagnosed), let's talk about my online shopping addiction.  I have to tell you I love  No really, I do and it is even better with Prime!  (Except that 2015 the price of Prime is going up to $99+ tax!)  Last week I went on classic DVD spree and bought -"Rebecca", "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", "Calamity Jane" and "The Univited".  I am so very excited about all four of them as they are films my aunt introduced to me and hold special spots in my heart.  In fact, my love of the classics came from her.  I don't think I would have known anything about them without her.

I also picked up some of Old Navy's "Pixie" pants and let me say I am in complete love with them and I can't wait to live happily ever after- that is if they don't discontinue the line as that is what always happens to me.  The pants are comfortable and classy enough for work.

I also grabbed a Jane deal for vinyl nail stickers from Stick It Vinyl and I am thoroughly pleased.  Check out their Etsy shop here, especially if you are a mani freak like me.  I seriously paint my nails pretty much every other day.

Oh and I would like to wish this handsome dude a Happy 5th Birthday!
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