Thursday, March 13, 2014

Be In Love With Travel

Happy Thursday!

I have decided to add a new feature to my blog about travel.  On Thursdays I plan on discussing places I have traveled to or plan on going.  I want to invite anyone to discuss with me.  I would do a link, however I am still not smart enough for that!

I want to share with you why I love traveling to what may appear to be uninteresting places.  (Partly due to this amazing article on Elite Daily which you can read here.)

I used to sit back and day dream about Europe and Australia and think of the ways I would spend my crazy adventures though those places.  Backpacking across Europe or cruising the Great Barrier Reef before heading off on a safari in Australia.  As I got older the more uninteresting those exotic locales became and the more interested I became in America's history, land and backwoods areas.

Most places I have chosen to travel are well traveled places with hidden gems.  I thrive on finding my own sacred spaces in new places.  Who would have thought that a hole in the bar in Rapid City connected to my hotel would be one of the most fun places I have ever experienced, or that I would have made good friends with a patron in a bar in Nashville.  There is so much to experience in our own country and there are so many people to meet and share conversations with.  I am not a generally friendly person, but I believe meeting people is part of the experience of travel.

I tend to stay away from major cities as I really don't care for the congestion and snotty attitudes that come with places like LA, New York, Miami,  I will say Chicago has some really nice people, but also really rude people.  The truth about it is we all have different types of fun, tastes and adventures waiting which makes it hard to take any type of travel advice.  That being said, the only piece of advice I have for y'all is to get out there and see our world, wherever it is you want to go!  
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