Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another Annoying List

Well it's been quite a hard vacation from blogging. I want to thank everyone who placed my family, most especially my aunt, in their thoughts and prayers. I'm devestated to report she didn't make it and we are still in need of many thoughts and prayers as we move through this hard time making adjustments in our lives without her.

I do plan on doing a memorial post, however I can't quite put that together now.  Instead I figured I would share a few annoyances I have uncovered in the past week and half.

Time change- I cannot wait for the time change next Sunday.

Weather - we finally received "winter" weather but no snow. F you Mother Nature.

"Girls"- I finally made it through season 2 and I'm so annoyed with Hannah!

Spring Season Finales- I miss "The Mindy Project"

Check Engibe Light- that jerky little light came on again yesterday. I'm hoping it can just be cleared out again as I do not want to deal with that.

Low Vacation Time- I've been very blessed in my time off and adventures, however I wish I had more time for everything I want to do this year.

People Without Bucket Lists- every person should have a list of things they want to experience in their lives. It can be as simple as "be happy" but without a list to remind us we are bound to forget.

Junk- looking for my passport had me uncovering all sorts of shit I need to get rid of or organize. Pictures need to be gone through, old documents destroyed and all of that is going to annoying.

Just a few "pessimistic" items that have me beyond annoyed.

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