Monday, February 10, 2014

Head Colds and the Dollar Spot

Ever have one of those weekends where every single thing you had planned didn't occur?  Yep, my weekend was kinda like that. I'm going round two (within two weeks) with a head cold I will refer to as Satan. Having two weekends blown by head colds really ticks me off, but it is nothing compared to the transvestite vocal chords I have going on.  I am too afraid to talk too loud as my ears are plugged and I am too afraid of deep breaths as a fit of uncontrollable coughing will ascend.  Basically I am the missing character from "Death Becomes Her" minus the plastic surgery.

I had big plans of cleaning and organizing this weekend, but somehow between the cold and Saturday out with my mom, Jenn and Kay Kay Bug,  I was derailed on my plans.  I mean who can say no to lunch, drinks and shopping?  Not me, that is who!  I, of course, hit up the "dollar spot" at Target AGAIN!  What can I say, it is like crack for me!  I finished purchasing the items for my beauty swap and I even was home in enough time to catch some of the Olympics.

The rest of my weekend was pretty much catching up on the DVR, watching the drag races and watching the Olypics.  I have to say the Women's Freestyle Snowboarding had me a nervous wreck, but I am so happy for Jamie Anderson (USA) and Jenny Jones (GB).  Those two ladies nailed it.  Oh and the Men's Alpine Downhill had me sad for Bode Miller, but that man has had his fair share of wins- 5 medals in the span of 4 Olympics is great.  I mean c'mon, you can't win 'em all.  

And that is all I got.

Happiest Monday y'all!

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