Friday, February 7, 2014

Because I Wish I Was Ann Miller.

Hey y'all!

Seeing as I have a few new faces in my little space here I thought it was high time I reintroduce myself to you guys.  I am sure you've already read my "About Me" tab, but I like sharing random quirks about myself all the time and it is completely legitimate as this is my blog and I can do what I want here (wow, that sounds kinda bratty, but you get the gist.)

I am the middle child and at time I have middle child issues.

I eat WAY more Mexican food than any normal girl should.  (It isn't generally for the margaritas either)

I love tap dancing and still randomly wear my staccato taps through my house and do time steps anytime I am forced to stand in a line.

I used to have amazing beer drinking skills as well as beer pong skills... Perhaps I still do, however they haven't been put to good use so I may be rusty.

I can bake and cook, but I hate the mess so I refrain from doing either task often.

I am an ordained minister.

I love the idea behind DIY projects, however I hate trying to find the time and tapping into my creative side.

I love summer and winter both.

I never take myself or life all that seriously.  Maybe this is bad, but I find it awesome.

I would describe myself as charming, self assured, sassy and a bit quirky.

I am terrible at saving money.

I love to travel.
I am obsessed with cowboy boots.

I love Neil Diamond.

I truly don't know about marriage... On one hand I think I may like it.  On the other hand, I just really want a massive party with no strings attached.

I have a weird obsession with anchors and American flags.

I have my special spot.  I need to make more time to head out that way for a bit of clarity every now and then.
And there you have it.  More than you could ever want to know about me, the crazy 20-something behind the blog!
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