Friday, January 24, 2014

Shit That Makes Me Sad (when on cold meds)

You know that feeling when you are sick and you just start thinking of all the things (including the monstrous ear pressure) that would actually without any doubt make you cry?  Ya that is how I am feeling.  I am pretty sure  my voice makes me sound like a man, I just want to breathe normal and I really just want a nap that won't fuck up my sleep schedule.  However, none of those are going to work, so let's get back to shit that just makes me down right sad.  So sad in fact, I wish I could cry a whole ocean of crocodile tears and shout "it isn't fair!!"
The fact that DayQuil and Benadryl take me out of the game called life.
Cranky and rude people.
ASPCA commercials.  I could give a crap about human life, but the puppies on those commercials f with my emotions.
Running out of beer or wine.
"If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away"- Justin Moore you owe me a tube of waterproof mascara for your next concert.
Eating at a shitty restaurant.
Raiders and Dodgers fans.  Might as well throw Saints fans in there too.
My hairbrush being eaten by a small devil of a dog.
Selfish people.
Having a shitty bartender.
"The Way We Were"  Oh Babs how you render my tears to come hither every single time.
Not being able to call the one person I know would make it all better, even if part of me is still really angry.
My favorite lip balm running out.
Ghost shows..  Poor ghosties must be sad.
Not having a billion dollars so I can globe-trot.
***. Please be aware that I can't be held accountable for my thoughts when I'm hopped up on cold medicine. Scarier is that I drove to and from work.  Winning like Charlie Sheen. 
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