Monday, January 27, 2014

Apparently I am an Artist

Friday night found me battling a cold (let's face it, I still am) and in bed by 9 pm.  Woo hoo party lady over here!!!

Saturday I had painting class plans and as hard as it was to get my butt in gear, I did it.  Had a bloody mary for brunch before heading to paint.
After my delicious bloody mary, I headed over to a Purple Easle location for wine and painting.  
Jenn opted for a purple background and of course I went with pink!
The aprons REALLY made us look professional!
Here are all four of us getting started.  With our bottles of wine.
Ta Da!  Finished product.  Pretty much free hand.  It is growing on me.  At first I thought this was awful, but each time I look at it gets better looking.
Sunday found me finally uploading pictures from my November trip!  It was so much fun remember the fun I had!

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