Friday, December 27, 2013

Holy Holiday Hangover

Is it just me or does everyone else find the holidays absolutely fucking exhausting?

Seriously...  Like a hangover times ten...

Or maybe it's more along the lines of post nuptial depression- you know where brides have a massive let down after wedding planning... In my oh so humble opinion, these women need to get jobs or an activity if they are "depressed" their wedding is over...  

Back to the whole holiday hangover nonsense- I find the time from November 1st until January 15th the most unappealing, worthless stressing out time period on the calendar.  

You go from Halloween drunken shenanigans to having to answer why you are single or defending Christmas Vacation,  but no one will ask why you are downing that bottle of vodka to deal with your family.  Which let's be honest, they are most likely taking part in as they can't seem to deal with you either.

After every family get together, I almost feel like I need a damn vacation to unwind from the crazy eggshells I walk on and the sad part is, we are together for one family get together at least once a month if not more.  So basically I am exhausted A LOT.... Or maybe I just love sleeping!

Even with exhaustion, I do love my family.  I mean who else would give a glitter gift bag to sprinkle f-ing "pixie dust" all over my shit, or how about the camouflage scarf, or runner's gloves.  Note to all y'all, I only loved the scarf.  The bag can die and the gloves, well let's just day I ain't running unless Leatherface be chasing me... Ok not really, it's been a goal, but I don't know why...  I prefer fast paced walking.

All in all, Christmas was a pretty damn good day with the crazy fam-bamily.  I don't want to relive it, because it is over and now I get to countdown to next Christmas (after the ornaments and tree are put away).

I truly hope everyone had a great one.

Now on to New Year's!  I can't wait to hear everyone's resolutions!  Mine will not be to get my alcohol consumption under control!