Friday, December 13, 2013

Five for Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th.

Hopefully no one is overly spooked by today, because I certainly I am not.  I love the number 13.  Most likely due to the fact that in school on the attendance sheet I was always student # 13.  It continued into college and it's just been a good number for me.  I play it on Keno with a few other "special" numbers (If you want my Keno numbers just ask, I will totally share them you!)

OR maybe 13 is a good number for me because I have evil in me, but then I remembered that is the number 666, so I am all good.  Whew, escaped unscathed.

As it is Friday it is time for "5 On A Friday" with Christina.

One: Amazon's Prime "trial" for Christmas shopping- This literally just saved my ass!  I just said "YES" sign me up for a free trial and I got free two day shipping on EVERYTHING in my cart.  Ho Ho Ho, it is Christmas time!

Two:  Last night I ventured to Sam's Club with my mom and sister (these trips make me understand men shopping with women.  Nothing in this place excites me.) As I was walking in I noticed the guy ringing the bell for the Salvation Army.  He said "hello" and I responded with " Hi!  Merry Christmas!"  The poor guy just about fell over and went on to say that I was the first person ALL day to wish him a "Merry Christmas."  This threw me for a complete loop...   Don't people remember the most important thing "Elf" taught us?

Three:  It seems the time has come to register for some college courses.  I am slightly happy about this and slightly apprehensive about this...  It basically just means I have to go out, sit in a classroom, listen to someone talk about mundane subjects and pray the DVR gets all of my TV shows recorded and saved.  The things we do to advance in the world...

Four:  Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas.  There is nothing else to say here, just print the calendar and get caught up in corny, cringe worthy romance stories centered around "The Season"..

Five:  I just realized my social calendar has my weekends booked from now until Christmas!  Oh well, it is only two weekends and both will be booze filled, BAM!

I hope you all enjoyed this because it was really just an excuse to share all of those amazing e-cards with you!

Happy Friday, happy weekend and Happy Holidays!