Monday, November 4, 2013

Where did my weekend go?!?!

Well it is Monday again... But that is ok because I have three more mornings to wake up and get ready for work before I leave this town in the dust...  Or fog, as it is uber foggy around my parts today and I wore a dress sans tights/nylons.  Dumb Krista, very very dumb!

My weekend was great, however I feel like I lost day and not due to the time change, but we will get there in time so please read along.

First- Friday night I discovered that Santitia's tortilla chips has a recipe for nachos.  I found this very disturbing!  Who doesn't know how to make nachos?!?!?  They are a staple for any person who eats tortilla chips.  
Second- My "wittle" sister brought me Chinese food and I am sucker for fortune cookies.  I busted open two and although I am not thrilled with this fortune it was better than the other one.  So apparently having discontentment in one's life is the first step of progress?  I highly disagree- the first step of progress is a shot of Fireball.
Third-  Saturday found me with a delicious spin on the ever loved Moscow Mule.  Our local classy bar uses berry infused vodka and calls it a Mountain Mule.  It was absolutely delicious and it helps that it was made with love by a fantastic bartender!  Starting with a 9 am breakfast meet and going until 10 pm, made Saturday one of the best days I have had with my friends in a great while.  Unfortunately there are no pictures as my phone died, but I have to say it was definitely a great day!  Yet being out all day made me feel like I lost a day.
Fourth- In Friday's post I told y'all I was going to try the braid into bun look.  I did it with some success, but having such thick and heavy hair the bun lasted approximately 20 minutes.

I woke up this morning feeling excited for my trip yet loathing being awake.  On to the week ahead, hope it is glorious for y'all!

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