Friday, November 15, 2013

Truth in a Mountain Home

I know y'all missed me, SOOO much while I was off exploring the wild west of the mid west!

Fret no more as I am back, feeling slightly recharged and ready to jet set yet again (even if it is going to be awhile before I head off again).

My trip back to South Dakota was a planned bender.. How did I plan it?  Well, I picked dates on a calendar to go get myself completely obliterated drunk in a far away land where I could be as idiotically drunk and dumb as I wanted...  Did it work?  Eh, not so much (there was only one hangover).  Did I have fun?  Hell yes, I had a blast!  Would I go again?  Secretly, in my mind I am planning my next bender back.

The thing about South Dakota is I just love it, but more particularly I love the tiniest town (ever) of Deadwood (think Wild Bill and Calamity Jane).  I haven't any idea as to why, but I do.  It could be the fact that there are no begging homeless people around every corner (thank you Macee for pointing that out), it could be the friendliness of the people there, the simplicity of life, the beauty of the nature, the cheap drinks...  I do believe it is a culmination of all of the above.

I have to say I was worried about my decision to escape reality and head to the stark plains and mountains of the western mid west for a weekend jaunt, especially once I got on the plane and the natives were saying how dumb I was, but I didn't feel the need to defend my choice of destinations.  You see I can go to Vegas anytime I want, or LA or San Diego and I will DEFINITELY run into someone I know.  Yes Southern California is large, but it isn't that big in the grand scheme of life.  It had to be a place I enjoyed, wanted to explore, recharge, contemplate life and just drink my liver into submission.... without a doubt, South Dakota offered that and so much more.

I went hoping to find peace of mind and peace for my heart.  The funny thing is, I found peace whilst there and now that I am back, I feel even more chaotic in my skin than before I left.  How is that possible?  Perhaps, I went wanting too much and came back without enough.

If I were completely delusional, I would pack up half of my shit (sell the rest of course) and hit the road and find a similar town, if not that town to settle into.  Unfortunately, I know the reality of bills and the expectations I have for the life I am leading.  Maybe I am too materialistic, but I love Target and I don't see me giving that up yet, so for the time being, I will live through my chaos and plan a trip for the spring/summer of next year to head back for more peace of mind, more peace of heart and more liquor to drink my mayhem into oblivion.

Until we meet again....