Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So What Meets Random Wednesday #2

It's Wednesday, which means two things...  It's So what Wednesday and Random Wednesday.  How much fun!  Actually, I really dig it due to the fact that I can literally come up with anything and throw it on my blog and call it a post.  Awesome, right?  Ya not so much.  Here is the thing, I want to keep you guys entertained and enjoying the blog you're reading.  Not feeling like you've wasted 5 to 15 minutes reading, so with that said, if you have read this and have some pointers for me, please let me know!  I truly enjoy receiving feedback from my visitors,

So what if September sucked, October will be better.  It's a new month with new possibilities.

So what if I write my posts WAY in advance just to change them last second.

So what if I am lazy and use "auto post" to get these babies out in the world to you.

So what if I enjoy going to bed at 9 pm.  Just because I "go to bed" doesn't actually mean I sleep.  I do all sorts of things: read, watch crap tv, paint my nails, apply facial masks, etc..

So what if I consider coffee my breakfast everyday.

So what if I find instagram more appealing than facebook.

So what if I wear bows in my hair.


So what if I believe that black and brown are a good color combination for fall/winter season!