Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Weekend of September and my Shenanigans

Happy Monday...  And thank you baby Jesus for the last day of September!  This month has been full of craziness and I am not sorry to see it go, at all!

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday night found me at good old Black Angus with Jenn and Jaime.  It was amazing to catch up and finally have drinks, even if Jaime is a sober mommy to be.  Thankfully the waitress sat us in a back corner, unfortunately we are that group of girls who happen to talk loud and sometimes with vulgarity.  There was a couple about my parents age sitting directly across from me and the lady kept staring, I was sure she hated us.  Low and behold, when the couple left, the woman stopped to let us know how she envied our fun time and continued to wish us a lifetime full of happy hours and meetings.  It was one of the sweetest things a complete stranger could tell a loud and obnoxious group of women.  It just reaffirmed the fact that we are in fact fabulous just like the "Sex and the City" girls, minus one.

Saturday was filled with family dinner.  It wasn't very eventful, other than the fact that I drank 10 beers, didn't really get drunk or have a hangover.  The best part was the no hangover, but it has me wondering if I am psychotically obsessing over not getting drunk.  I guess obsessing over not getting drunk may be an additional sign that I am growing up...  Psshht no!  

Sunday was no fun day.  Spent driving Miss Daisy around, aka my mom.  Although I did get a sweet coffee mug that says "Outlaw" on it, plus the handle is super BIG which is great for me.

As the month is drawing to a close, I have to say a few of my favorite things are as follows-

I am in love with these Etienne Aigner boots in black.  I purchased the banana color, which is just tan, a year ago and I adored them so it is only natural that I want to add the black to my collection.

Check them out at

I do believe that I had shared my new love for essie nail polish.  I just recently jumped on the bandwagon of nail polish and I purchased "After School Boy Blazer" (gorgeous navy) from Rite Aid and I am completely smitten!

I came across this article regarding the newest drug "Molly" and not only found it informative but also an amazing piece of first hand accounts of what this new fad drug can destroy in a matter of moments.  I recommend it as a read for everyone!
As summer weather sticks around for awhile in Southern California, I have found that I am slightly behind on the summer scarf trend and in recent weeks I have been eating it up.  Scarves are such amazing accessories that double as a neck warmer!

That draws this little old post to a close.  I hope everyone enjoys their last day of September.  I believe I will send her off with a toast from some sweet red wine!