Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Seriously... You Just Posted THAT Picture?!?!

Hi lovely people out there in the blog world.  

Yes I know 2 blogs in one day from me... Feel blessed, very blessed!

As I was facebook trolling (it's what I do to get through the day, don't judge!) I have decided I have some MAJOR facebook picture pet peeves.  I know I am not perfect by any means and most likely upload too many instagram pictures of my coffee mugs, cowboy boots, selfies, cocktails, etc.  However, I am sitting here thinking "Really?!? You thought that was an excellent picture???"

Belly Bathroom Shots- If you are going to take pregnancy belly pictures, please for the life of my eyes, make them tasteful or at least clean your damn bathroom mirror!  Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to see toothpaste spots along with the reflection of your uteran incubator, nor do they want to see your toilet seat up.  I really don't understand this one.  Just an FYI, every time you flush the toilet with the lid up, thousands upon thousands of germs are shot up and sprayed all over your bathroom.  Do us all a favor and just have someone take the photo for you.
Even Jessica's mirror is clean!

Kissy-A-Boo-Boo-  Look we all totally get that you just love your new SO, but that does not mean we want to witness you making out all over the pages of social media.  One or two are ok, but if every profile picture of you ever is of you making out with someone you are dating (or better yet all of your PPs are you with everyone you have ever dated making out), maybe you should look at going into some sort of PDA anonymous club!
This is how gross you look... No really!

Duckface- This is self explanatory...  JUST.DON'T.DO.IT!  You look like friggin idiots.

If in fact you do this and are doing so in a sarcastic, "I hate you so I am making fun of you" way, please carry on.  If not, please shoot yourself in the spleen and leave the rest of us out of your crazy.  We would like to keep our eyeballs intact.