Wednesday, October 9, 2013

21st Birthday Link Up

Feelin' 21 Link Up

Today I am linking up with Sami over at Sami's Shenanigans for a remembrance of my 21st birthday.  It is so crazy to think that was 6 years ago and it seems like yesterday.

My 21st birthday celebrations over stayed their welcome, but looking back, man was it awesome.  I recall my actual 21st birthday was a Sunday and my aunt and grandma decided to take me to Vegas with my mom, sister and a friend.  We were set to leave SUPER early on Saturday morning, unfortunately I had a problem of ALWAYS partying hard the night before I went anywhere.  With my luck, my best friend was house sitting a mansion and it was decided that we have the epic mountain party of the summer.  The party was just that, epic.  There were kegs, tons of people, busted liquor cabinets, the cops came by to say hi ( yea we were buddies with the po po).  At some point there was a BBQ fired and the fire department came due to some drunk needing chicken wings at 3 am.  When dawn came around, there I was sitting on the house's curb with a very pricey bottle of Pinot Noir and 2 guy friends.  I don't really remember getting home, but I made it in enough time to catch a nap, pack and head to Vegas (still drunk of course).

Once I made it to it the Wynn (yea my aunt rocks), we decided dinner would be at the very classy french restaurant downstairs.  We had a totally awesome waiter, who with a little bribery from my aunt served me martinis (mind you, I still had 4 hours until being legal) until we were done eating.  I was tipsy to say the least.  My sister headed to the ABC store with Amy and brought back bottles upon bottle of champagne.  All of which were consumed until the wee hours of my birthday.

Sunday found me hungover and hard up... Ok not that hard up, but I had to find a dress to wear to the premiere of the Vegas show "LOVE".  I was super excited and the show did not disappoint (so much in fact that I just went again last year for the 5th anniversary).  The rest of Vegas was a blur of champagne and martinis, except every time I ordered a martini, I spilled the damn thing.  What can I say, I am truly a klutz.

After we got home, my parents threw me a 21st birthday party themed in the Mad Hatter (I am always one step ahead of the trends and remember people, this was pre Pinterest) complete with a topsy turvy Mad Hatter cake.  My moma is one hell of a talented lady.  And of course seeing as I partied hard back then, I again went out the night before my birthday party and didn't get home until 7 am... Ooops!  That was after I threw a 21 year old temper tantrum, because my sister wanted to go home.  Complete with throwing a sucker at her head.  I can't believe she didn't punch me in the face, literally!  I was such a little shit!

There you have it, the blog rated version of turning 21 after years of pre-partying at the bars.  It is funny to look back and think about all of the crazy things my friends and I got away with.  Some days I miss it, other days I know I couldn't hang, and weekends I wish I had that wild still.