Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday's 5 Favorites

It is Friday again and even though it seemed like it took forever to get here, I have noticed time has been going by quite quickly lately.  Maybe it is the upcoming holiday season or just the fact that 2013 is winding down and it's time to have an optimistic outlook on 2014 and new possibilities.

Am I getting ahead of myself and the year ending?  Probably.
Do I care?  No, not really.  I am ready for a new year and new beginnings, but that is neither here nor there.

I have this terrible disorder when it comes to online shopping...  You see I love placing tons of items in my shopping cart and leaving it there.  Yes this is good for my wallet, bad for my closet.  You see I actually think I purchased certain items and try to find them in my closet.  I blame Pinterest, Polyvoer and online shopping in general for my lack of adorable clothing that I believe I have.  On a recent "shopping" trip to Old Navy' s website I found this gem.  I adore it!

I am currently on the hunt for a daily "cowboy" calendar for 2014.  I feel like my desk is in particular need of some exciting cowboys!  If anyone comes across one think of me and tell me immediately or purchase it for me and I will be forever grateful.  
I have been feeling a little crafty lately and need to go on a pinecone hunt before the weather changes to rain and wet weather... Yuck.  I have two "projects" I am planning.  The first being glittered pinecone centerpieces for Christmas.

Second is glittered pinecone ornaments.  I am thinking of taking my niece and nephew pinecone hunting and having them make these with me to win back the title of "Best Auntie".  

I found this quote while trolling the internet and I fell in love.  As you know I do this quite often.  It is a good reminder that the world is ever changing and we are never the same person we were yesterday.

And finally... My favorite instagram picture of moi.  Yes I can be a little conceited, but what girl isn't?  If they say they aren't, they are lying.  We all are conceited about particular things.  For instance, this photo makes me feel artsy and studious and hardworking, but mostly check out my big Texas hair!  BAM!

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend!