Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where the heart is.

Life hands us all sorts of challenges and we over come them, push them aside or simply ignore them to deal with other parts of life.

However, in this crazy mixed up thing we call life, we are given the biggest challenge in finding and creating ourselves. The person deep down inside, under the make up, away from the camera, behind the scenes. The barest impression of a soul.

Am I true nomad trapped behind a hermit's safety zone?

Do I love truly or justly?

Who am I? Where is my soul? Do I hold my own heart? What is this path I am?

Am I creator? Dreamer? Teacher? Student? Lover? Politician? Poet?

We ask all of these questions, yet where do we find these answers?

In truth, I believe we our predestined to find ourselves in a multitude of places.

On my recent trip into Wyoming and South Dakota, I realized my soul was at peace there. It was a simpler place, a strange place yet a place that felt like home. My heart did not ache. My soul did not weep. I felt calm, there was no rush. There was me and all the time in the world to find me.

Some may not understand this, others may completely agree. I feel the streets calling me back, the buildings telling me a story and the breezes singing me a lullaby. 

I don't feel lonely. I don't have worries or cares. I am just me. The me that is elegant, peaceful, edgy, calm, exciting, lively, brilliant, completely unapologetic for being me, creating me, finding me.

It makes me giddy to know I will soon be back in a place that makes me feel whole not lacking.