Friday, August 2, 2013

My 30 by 30 list

I turned 27 last month and it go me thinking about things that I should have accomplished by 30 or at least what I should have accomplished in my head.  Some things may seem trivial and others I have already accomplished, but I believe I should focus more time and energy on.  Especially leading a healthier lifestyle and making better choices.  In some ways I feel like I need to grow up and in other ways I know I am already a grown up.

Here is my list... Am I missing anything?

30 before 30
1. Write letters to each person I love, telling them why I love them and why they are so important to me.
2. Fall madly in love.
3. Wear the fuchsia lipstick.
4. Be financially independent and debt free.
5. Make a scrapbook of the best memories of my life.
6. Visit at least three new places a year.
7. Stand up for myself, no matter how insignificant the moment.
8. Become a happier/ healthier version of me.
9. Make my blog a successful lifestyle blog.
10. Camp underneath the stars
11. Take an unplanned road trip
12. Go to a rodeo
13. Go to the movies alone
14. Wear a bikini comfortably
15. Give back at Christmastime
16. Donate time to a charity
17. Settle into at least 6 new hobbies/arts.
18. See Garth Brooks in concert
19. Dance in the rain
20. Be content in silence
21. Reach out to someone who seems like they need help.
22. Donate to Locks of Love
23. Go off the grid for a month (no facebook, no social media, telephone conversations only)
24. Bake cookies for someone
25. Try new cuisine
26. Get a tattoo
27. Tell him how much I love him and don’t be sorry for it
28. Be a better friend, with a not such a short fuse
29. Try meditation
30. Create a country music concert scrapbook
If I have to grow up, I guess it is time to stop relating to T-Swift songs and missing the days of the boy bands.

Hmmm...  What about you?  What would be on your list?