Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random Wednesday... Birthday Edition

Can anyone say "SLACKER"?  Because that is what I have been doing lately is REALLY slacking and not intentionally, rather life kinda got away from me.  I am blaming it on the endless July birthday celebrations.  Not only have I not been a good blogger, my I have been a TERRIBLE blog follower, so I am sorry to all you beautiful ladies for not reading and commenting with kudos.  I promise to catch up!
Since it is Wednesday and a random one at that, I am linking up with Shanna at Because Shanna Said So.  I think by now, you can all tell I adore linking up with her.  I just love her fashion posts.  She makes me wish I was slightly more adventurous in the ways of fashion, but honestly I love to keep things laid back yet classy.
Monday was birthday and quite a subdued one at that, which is actually pretty great.  K didn't forget my birthday so good job guy, it's not like we've been dating on and off for a year or anything... JK ;).  I got lots of love in the form of phone calls, texts and the lovely facebook wall posts.  I felt like a very special girl. 
Here is my recap in a few pictures... Ok a lot of pictures!  Enjoy!

Probably one of the best fortunes I have ever received and it's one that speaks the truth!

Champagne one week, Champagne of Beers the next. 

Weekend warrior river trip...  Except the weather sucked!

Monsoonal weather made for a gorgeous sunset outside of my hotel.

Birthday dinner time!

But first a couple cocktails...

Followed by Texas reminiscing.

Saltgrass carries LONESTAR beer....  My life just got that much better!

Happy, happy, happy girl!

Sunday was icky again!

Eeeekkkk so excited to see Kenny on Saturday...

But WAY more stoked to see Eric Church again! 

5am cardio session had a full moon Tuesday.  Talk about nature's true beauty!

Took the day off to hang out with these two crazy kiddos.

Found amazing notecards at Target.  There is just something about handwritten notes that I adore!

Thank you cards all written and mailed out!

Found this inspiration on Instagram and I have to say it holds so many truths and we all need to take a little piece of this to heart.
Well I hope you enjoyed the brief but full catch up!