Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Randomw Wednesday...

Hey y'all I am linking up with Shanna at Because Shanna Said So for "random Wednesday" and my post is the height of random/whiney/ complaining and just down right annoyed.
Today may be the day where I cry at work.  I am a highly emotional person and at times I get so upset and frustrated that tears well up and I have to escape before they fall… And today may be one of those days at work.  I seldom feel this way at work… I have made it through quite a few bad break ups where I never missed a day of work and not once had tears in my eyes, but today man, oh man it could all change.
Why you ask?  Well it starts off simple, a request for a week of vacation (I have the time built up so no I wouldn’t be going negative) to do a road trip with my dad up South Dakota and back.  I was super excited, had a pep in my step walked into my boss’s office, who by all counts is an AMAZING boss, but not today.  Today she looks at me with narrowed eyes that tell me no before she could even say the word.  I feel deflated and sad… There is no one else off with exception to her being gone just one day out of the week so the answer is no…  She ponders as I stare ghostly pale with my jaw on the floor trying to contain my hurt…  She responds with “Take Friday the 2nd, be here Monday the 5th, then go about your vacation the 6-12th.  Whhhhhhat?!?!?  Are you serious?!!?  Am I supposed to just hop on a plane home to work 8 hours?!?!  I calmly reply, “No that just won’t work, but thank you.  I will explain to my dad I won’t be able to do the trip with him.  Hopefully next year,” and walk out only to be told, “I will think about it.” Ouch, stings like a razor massacring my leg. 
Many may think. “Oh what is the big deal, just take a different vacation with your pops.”  Well, you see this isn’t the first she has done this.  2 years ago she told me I couldn’t take a road trip with my aunt, who would be starting dialysis when we returned, because she would be off that week.  Then of all things, she came to work that entire week.  I get it plan changes, but guess what we have three people other than her and myself…. So what gives?!?!?!  I come to work, on time, I do my job well, I keep order, I have done training, I am courteous and friendly and professional.  I don’t dress like a skank, I am an all-around good employee, so have I made myself complete invaluable to the office?!?!  Should I become a completely crappy employee?!?!?! 
I would say maybe it is my co-workers, but they are highly intelligent ladies who are professional and responsible so what the f???
Maybe something will happen that will barf sunshine and sparkles all over? 
Hey!  A girl can dream!