Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Random Wednesday #3

Hello Beauties!

It's random Wednesday or as my iPhone's autocorrect prefers "Ransom Wednesday." Don't have any idea why, I hardly ever use the word ransom unless I've kidnapped Dierks Bentley, which has been never and let's be honest, I don't think I'd ask for a ransom! Ok enough with psychotic talk, I'm linking up with Shanna at Because Shanna Said So.

Today's random thoughts are- thanks dad for everything. And I literally mean everything! Thanks for not having a stroke when I crashed the family car or hit the neighbors car, or when I sucked up rocks on the jet ski! Thanks for teaching me that if duct tape, wd40 or a hammer can't fix it you probably can. Thanks for teaching me that the best man is a hardworking man and that no one will compare to the love of a dad. Thanks for letting me make mistakes and not saying "I told you so" too often. Thanks for teaching me the sidesteps to bring my very own MacGyver. Showing me that trilogies such as Back to the Future and Indiana Jones(face it, #4 sucked) will always guarantee a pick me up, more so than any chick flick. Thanks for being my pops!

So basically, my random Wednesday is an early Father's Day post. I was fortunate enough to share a morning coffee with my dad today and tell him I love him. No matter where your dad is, tell him how much he means, because even angels can hear what we say here on earth. Sorry for getting mushy, but I just want to express my gratitude for the man I call the greatest and best dad I could ever ask for!