Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Random Wednesday #2

Linking up with Shanna again at Because Shanna Said So for a random Wednesday.

Over here in my life I am still catching up from a fun weekend in San Antonio.  George Strait put on another fabulous show.  I am currently working on my trip blog for tomorrow.  As for today here are  a few of my random thoughts...

When people say "God Bless You" I don't know how to respond so I normally respond with "thank you."  I honestly have no idea how to respond.  I feel it would be rude to respond with "And God bless you." So I do the polite and gracious thing, even if it is totally awkward!

I've been trying to be REALLY good about my budget which is REALLY hard when all I wanna do is spend money.  I keep screaming at myself, "You would have so much more fun drinking in Hawaii than you would with that eyeshadow" and sometimes I win and sometimes I do not, but I will say this BUDGETS SUCK!!!!!

In other news, I signed up with Diet Bet for "Fit by the 4th".  It is a diet challenge and I heard about it from Kari at Babe Before Baby.  It was a twenty dollar buy in, but as long as you lose 4% of your body weight you get money back.  I am behind slightly, as I still have one photo take.  Who wants to come over and photograph me in leggings on a scale?!?! If you're interested, check out the website here.

Hope that was random enough!