Thursday, June 6, 2013

San Antonio Shenanigans

As y'all know, I spent last weekend in San Antonio, Texas to see the King of Country (although some argue Chris LeDoux was the king, or George Jones, or Waylon...) Mr. George Strait on his The Cowboy Rides Away tour and his "supposedly" final show. I saw supposedly because we all know how stars go in and out of retirement. George did great, it was a sold out show of 70,000 people.
Just to give you an idea of the attendance.

I even heard security say the Alamo Dome ran out of all beers by the time George started his third song. Just to get a feel, this way after Martina finished her set and before Miranda started hers. Yes folks, I got see Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert with George! The ladies rocked it as did George. There were lots of tears and emotional moments and I feel so blessed by my life to have been able to attend and with the company of my mom, sister and my sister's mother in law.
Our group was also able to meet up with my sisters great friend from back in the day, Lindsay Nd her hubby Jaymes. The city buses were shuttles and it took us over an hour to get less than a mile to the concert. To top it off, we barely caught the shuttle and the air conditioned ride was worth being late!

Sunday was a gorgeous day with perfect weather for us to head over to the Alamo. I'm glad I can say I've seen it in person and commend the women of Texas who fought to keep it a landmark for Texas.

The Alamo was followed by a city bus tour and a stop off at Buckhorns. If you go to San Antonio, Buckhorns is a must go to! It's a museum of antlers and Texas Rangers. It's got a good vibe and you can stay awhile for a couple of hours. They'll even order a pizza for you!

Sunday night was a little down with it being Sunday and all, but Jenn and I had a great time drinking Lonestar beer and listening to cover bands.

Monday the wearer was AWFULLY hot and I was so happy to go home after we did the river tour and shopped.

Now that I'm all caught up on my laundry and sleep, I'm ready to go somewhere new now! Let the Hawaii planning commence!