Monday, May 6, 2013

Tid Bits and Smiles

I came home from my afternoon work out Friday night finding my parents arguing over the new faucet that had to be installed.  As I stood there watching the two of them argue, I realized a few things that I hadn't before.  They are the two funniest people when they argue and they are and excellent team at all things nifty, even if they want to murder each other while they are working together.


Saturday was full of Kentucky Derby betting and the discovery of a local spot where I can actually place bets, drink and watch the races go off.  I am a high risk better (hello $4 keno cards in Vegas and Laughlin) and I took the horse MyFallingSky on a 50-1 odds, Revolutionary on at 10-1 odds and ItsMyLuckyDay at 15-1 odds and guess what the mother- freakin' favorite Orb one.  There went my $12 Win Place Show ticket...  Grrrr....


Sunday was a nice Mommy 'n me day followed by a WONDERFUL friend coming to town to visit.  Alice is such a wonderful woman who lost her husband to a brain tumor in November 2012.  The news to me was devastating, they were supposed to be living out their retirement, traveling the world side by side.  I know Joe's passing was heartbreaking for her, we even shared a few tears over it, but seeing how strong she is makes me so proud to know her and made me realize how important it is to chase down dreams and make them a reality because this life is all we have.  Sitting next to me was a widow, who had dreams of spending her retirement years with the love of her life and instead she is picking up and moving to Belize for a year.  In her words, "why the hell not?"  She made me realize life isn't something to be put off, it is a time in which are always supposed to be learning, growing and loving.  Quite an amazing thing, this little thing we call life

Hope everyone had a great weekend!