Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Favorites

Thank you Jesus we made it to Friday!
This week has been cray-cray, but guess what, I think pretty much every week in the months (until July 1st) is going to be like this!  Oh summer, how I am begging for you to show up so my work life can calm down slightly. 
This week I have been loving on my obsession with finding the perfect dress for San Antonio's Farewell George Strait concert in June.  Being a country music lover and cowboy boot aficionado, I know this dress should be cream or white with eyelet material or lace.  Here are my top two choices: 

Additionally, I am finding myself falling in love with the coral palettes all over again.  Seriously, I think I look good in orange.  I just purchased these pretty babies from DSW ( had a great sale price plus a coup for $5 and free shipping, woot woot)
Favorite drink this week is the new V* fruit juice energy drinks.  They are 50 calories a can and are delicious, although I did not experience the caffeine in them, I am thinking these may become a staple in my everyday life.

What are a few of your Friday favorites?