Thursday, May 23, 2013

Throwback Thrusday- Daydreamer variety

Oh "Throwback Thursdays" how I love thee.  I find you especially awesome when going thru old photo albums and remembering different parts of my childhood and what I aspired to be at what ages.  There was the singer stage, the dancer, the teacher, the CEO bitch, the banker, the fashion designer, the secretary, the horse owner, so and so forth.  I pretty much dreamed of being EVERYTHING with exception to working with any type of excrement, because who the F dreams about doing that shit (pun intended)?  I also dreamed of living everywhere and having multiple weddings, because when you get all of those careers you get to have multiple weddings, duh!  Looking back I had quite an active imagination (who am I kidding, I still do!) and was pretty busy making plans so out of this world that I am thankful now some of them didn't get chased down like OJ Simpson in the white bronco.  Anyways, the whole point of this is I got to thinking and I am really quite fortunate the way my life turned out.  Yes I had bigger aspirations and goals, but sometimes certain things work out for better reasons.  They may not make sense at the time, but in the long run they do.

I would have many of the people in my life today if I had left town at 18 and went on my own way.  Yes I might be in better place with new friends, but I love the "new" friends I have made since I turned 18.  In all honesty, coming from a small community, it shocks me that I only speak to a handful of the friends I had growing up from pre-school to graduation 9 years ago.  Each person I have in my life shapes the person I am and the person I am ever changing into.  I wouldn't have had the awkward first dates or the miserable heartbreaks that have made me a better person.  You might think to yourself that I could have had those occurrences anywhere, but I believe the ones I had were pre-determined for me.  Which brings me to destiny...  I believe we have different paths and destinies...  Maybe like three each, because well, three is a good number.  Of those three destinies, we then chose and make our own.  Or maybe I am totally wrong and nothing in life is fate, strictly coincidence, but who really knows. 

Anyhow, here are a few TBT (throw back Thursday) photos.  Hope you beauties enjoy them!

I was the cutest little pumpkin in all of the land!

Daddy's girl and a thumb sucker, love this picture.

 Aww, mischievous kindergartener.
Vegas for the drags.

Cozumel 2006