Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Wednesday... Why Not?

Today I have linked up with Shanna over at Because Shanna Said So.  If you haven't checked her out, do it!  She is awesome and has GREAT style!\
As for my random Wednesday, it's been pretty uneventful.  I will say the harriest man EVER came into the restaurant I was eating at with a Wolverine like 'do.  I was complete dumb-stricken and stared.  After much contemplation, I came to the conclusion that he definitely styled his hair like that and second, he DEFINITELY was not from here.  Haha.  I live in a small town, but not so small that you know every single person, as there has been a lot of influx from city-dwellers to the mountains.  But lemme tell you, you can spot a flat-lander(another word for city folk) a mile away! 
"Wolverine called... He wants his hair do back!"
I constantly daydream about the different lives I could be leading and I am not going to lie, the one I currently would love to have would be a housewife that got to sit on her dock and drink margaritas all day.  Nothing else to do, "Oh you want to waterski?  Let's take the boat out!"  I mean seriously, how could that not suck!? 
"No Gretchen, Hell would be actually having a job!"
FINALLYT wore my Katie and Kelly black snake skin patterned wedges!  I love this brand and this pair is just as comfortable as the pair I have owned for over a year.  I am ALWAYS excited to promote this brand because their wedges are serious AMAZING!!!!!!
"Why yes, it looks aways down!"
I am also linking up to Meighan over at Heavens to Meighan.  I love reading her blog and I think you will too!  So go ahead and take a gander!!

And last but not least, I miss fun times like these:

Hope y'all have a fabulous hump day- "Random Wednesday!"