Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Favorites and May is Over!

It's the last Friday of May and I have to say I am happy, but slightly depressed that my only free weekends come up in August.  That's right folks, this lady has got plans written all over her calendar and it's a bit troublesome yet very exciting.  I am sure August will fill up quite quickly, but now is neither the time nor place to worry about such summer plans.

As for this week's favorites, I have a couple.  I am linked up with Lindsay at Follow the Rules and Ashley at Dancing with Ashley.

First off is this AMAZING purse I found in the Coach Factory outlet.  It is a deep rich green tote from their Legacy collection.  I have scoured the internet and Coach's website and cannot seem to find this beauty anywhere but on eBay.  I should have gone against my gut and with my heart and bought it during the factory sale which would have given me 50% off.  Oh well... I guess hindsight really is 20/20!
(I apologize for the sideways photo, apparently my computer hates me today!)
As a self proclaimed cowboy boot aficionado, I spend a big part of my day looking at, fantasizing over and drooling down my chin over new boots.  I found these gorgeous Dan Post boots on Country Outfitter for $193.95.  It's pricey and I am sure they are out there for cheaper, but I will say this; Dan post makes an incredible boot.  My first pair of "adult" boots were Dan Post's and they are still my favorite pair to do this day.

Those are just my two favorite for this week.  I hope you enjoyed them!