Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vegas, ACM experience and the rest of my weekend.

Whew, that weekend went be entirely TOO fast (sad face).  Vegas took my money, my voice and my energy away, but left me with some great country music concert experiences.  If you know me, you know how much I love my country music and most especially country music concerts.  With a massive amount of luck, my sister and I BOTH won concert tickets from recording artist Greg Bates ("I did it for the girl") for the ACM Experience on Friday and Saturday.  The tickets were for concert entry only, but they had a festival that was open to the public with live music from new artists such as Kenny Foster and Charlie Worsham.  Both guys were great and I won't lie, I am digging their music.  Food, beer, Dodge, Stetson, and a "bucking "bull" auction were a few of the booths to occupy time.  It was a great two days with family and all proceeds went two great causes.  Friday's cause was the fight for children's hunger with Kraft and General Mills; Saturday was in support of the troops and I was able to see Tim McGraw give a house to a returning soldier.

 Jenn, Me and Momma, Day 1
 Jenn, me and our boots of beer
 Me and Momma, Players Clubs are the best if you intend on gambling!
 Jenn and I waiting for Kip Moore on Freemont St
 Some jerk pushed in front of me then stomped on my boots.  You NEVER stomp on my Dan Post boots, so the lad in me kiccked him.  Not a proud moment but I was angry!
 Start of day 2 with BudLight mixed with BudLight Strawberry 'Ritas!
 Making our way to the ACM Experience Day 2
 Jenn supporting Eric Church at our Astro_turf table.. So much better than the hot pavement!
 That banner says "Eli Young Band."  They rocked it!
 I love me some Stetson and Cowboys
 Jep, Jessica, Korie and Willie from Duck Dynasty.  Sad day, no Jase and Missy.
 Randomly upgraded to "Golden Buckle" tickets in time for my "husband" Dierks to come on.  Thanks ACM PR/Production guy.  You made my night!

Tim McGraw and Dierks, right after Sheryl Crow made a surprise visit!  I love country musicians, they are the best and they really give the best shows.

Newest FaceBook profile picture.  It was about 90 degrees and I got a good start to my tan, but man was it hot!!!!  One of the best country music experiences I have ever had in my life.  I can't believe the luck and how incredibly blessed I got to be this past weekend.
All in all, Vegas was what Vegas always is:  an all night party palace full of booze, gambling and great memories.  I had a blast but was so happy to get home and I must admit I am still slightly cranky from lack of sleep. 
Hope y'all had great ones, and soon I will be updating my 30 outfits in thirty days so you can see what I have been working with.  SO far I have been good :)