Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reach for the stars or maybe just that dress

We all have little goals we wish to obtain along with our monumental goals we wish to obtain. For me, I've been on the weight loss goal for seems to be my entire life. Known as chubby and big boned, I was the girl that was larger than the other girls. Sadly it's continued on it to womanhood. I don't really find an issue with my weight, I find issue with not feeling good in my skin. That bing said, I am an avid user of myfitnesspal.com (love them) and believer in portion control and water consumption without the fear of a cheat here or there.

To push me into my goal of twenty pounds down by June 1st, I'd like you to meet the dress. Not a wedding dress, but the dress I intend on wearing to the King George Strait's final show in his hometown if San Antonio, Texas.

I ordered this beauty about a year or so ago on eBay. It clearly states its size, but I believe it's actually two sizes down from that. I believe with hard work and dedication, I will be in that dress on June 1st!

Wish me luck!