Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30 Spring Outfits~ no repeats I plead!

I figured with April fast approaching I had better get a move on my latest blog idea...  An entire month (?!?!?!) of no outfit repeats.  Working in an office, I have found I place the same outfits on repeat every week with the same shoes and same accessories.  It is quite pathetic, considering I have tons and tons of great clothes, shoes and accessories.  I am not talented nor stringent enough to do a 30x30 by challenge like the Small Things blog did, but I have a feeling this could work, unless those pesky April showers decide to put a damper on my challenge.  for starters I have gone through and taken a good tally of what I have and what will have to be in rotation. Works pants are something I don't have a lot of but I can switch up the outfit by pairing different cardigans and tops. I'm very excited to get started on this project. I will be taking daily outfit photos and updating this blog with them as well as Instagram. If you don't follow me, please do @kristiebluejeans.

4/10/13- So far I have been REALLY bad about the photo aspect of this challenge.  In the mornings I am normally running out the door, after work I am wiped and hit the fitness part of my day, not to mention finding a photographer that doesn't think I am totally insane, haha.  I have been keeping a detail leist of each outfit and I am hoping this weekend I can get to photographing each outfit I have wotn thus far.  Some have been pretty cute, others have been a little blah.  I have challenged myself and if I succeed, I am thinking a little treat will be in order.  This challenge isn't just a work week challenge but a weekend challenge of what I can creatively put together fromt he contents of my closet.  Hopefully the weather stays beautiful so I can continue in wearing my dresses!