Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spooky spooky

Anyone who knows me really well, knows in absolutely obsessed with ghost shows and I'm a definitely believer of spirits and such. I've had a few experiences and even participated in ghost tours on a few of my travels.

This brings me to the pictures below of what I think is an orb. I went to down town Redlands last Monday and visited a few historical sights, one being Hillside cemetery. I didn't see anything at the cemetery nor did I have any experiences, these pictures were taken after my friend and I left the cemetery and were in search of a panoramic view spot to take some subset photos. We found a water tower and romped my Jeep up to a point. The lighting was so awesome and after taking a few pictures I noticed an orange spot in a few photos.

Here is a photo with out the "orb"

Here is the "orb"

Just a shot of beautiful rolling hills

There's that little "orb" again

Another scenery shot

And the orb again. As you can see it's changed location indicating this is not a reflection.

Im honestly not too sure what that pesky glowing ball really is, but part of me is wondering if someone or something hitched a ride from the cemetery. Other than my ghost theory, I think I took some amazing shots of the Redlands area.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I will update you on mine once I get home from the ACM Party for the Cause in Las Vegas.