Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Turbulent Tuesday

Have you ever walked into work in Monday morning, looked around and realized "Ah hell, this week is going to blow!" Welp that is how my day yesterday started and I don't see it getting any better. With exception to the final plans for my San Antonio trip coming together... Heck ya, George Strait and Texas better be ready!

In other news, the outfit April is going fabulously! Not a single outfit repeat, woot woot! Can't wait to post some pictures. I'm thinking my next challenge will have to be a 30 X 30. I've seen quite a few amazing bloggers who are inspiring me to try it out. May starts Tuesday so I better get my butt into gear on that!

As for what's been going on, saw Oz in LA at the El Capitan in 3D... Oh holy scariness!!!! However, fantastic film; a must see. It's got me thinking I need to read the books. It was a great day turned evening. Perfect weather and great company, still a little peeved by the brunch cocktail cutoff time after only one Bloody Mary, but I'm sure I will eventually get over myself.

This week is jam packed with peeps for my Cookie Lee show, girl's night, cardio endurance and strength training. Woo hoo. Hope y'all have a great one.