Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter and all the other fun parts of my weekend!

Well here I am at another weekend's end and I am feeling slightly under-rested and not looking forward to Monday, but who really looks forward to Mondays anyway?
My weekend started at noon Friday thanks to Good Friday and it was off for mani-pedis and a wax (ouchie!) then on to Happy Hour with my sister/boss and my new co-worker Stephanie.  Stephanie is a totally great chick that I have known forever, literally I cannot remember a time when I didn't know her.  It's one of the perks of living in a small town. 
My mani- very Easter worthy.

Stephanie and I celebrating Good Friday.

Sweet time summer time Miller time coasters while drinking PBR from a mason jar.

That guy was so scared... All I wanted was a picture of the corn!

Jenn, Stephanie and I. Good end to a great day.

Saturday was chock full of TRIFECTA time.  (Trifecta is my friends Amanda, Candice and myself.  The term came about on a trip to Laughlin in which MANY mimosas were consumed ALL day long.)  It's been entirely too long since the three of us have had a date like this and to top it off, it was a completely random unplanned day where we all happened to be in the same area at the same time texting one another.  I love these girls.  No matter how long it has been it's never an issue.  My kindred souls, sister from other misters if you will.
As for Easter Sunday, not a whole lot went on.  My family went to my aunt's house.  My mom did almost all of the cooking, other than the lamb which my dad did, the scalloped potatoes my sister buys from a box and the fresh garden salad and berry mix up I made.  It was a great day of family, that included a viewing of "Finding Nemo."  I can't believe I never watched, it's a pretty good Disney film.  I will say my niece has excellent taste as she busted into my jewelry and insisted on wearing pearls.  I swear she is more like me than anyone really recognizes.
My new Steve Maddens... In love with them!

I hope y'all had a great weekend and a blessed Easter.