Monday, March 25, 2013

Mellow Monday

Whew, so glad my Monday is coming to an end! It's the one day I dread every week. I never have any idea what the heck it's going to bring my way. Today's was a good one, I had time for a little personal reflection and I have decided I really need to put "obtain college degree" at the top of my list. Problem is, what in the heck do I want that pesky little piece of paper to say I'm proficient in? Marketing? Accounting? Publics relations? Communications? Argh!!!!! I really need to go sit down with a college counselor and figure it out. No more excuses, I can sleep and have a social life when I'm dead!

Anyways, enough whining from me! Here is a quick recap of my weekend-
Friday night I got another 3 miles in after work and then headed for some tacos with my parents.

Saturday was a great day! My mom and I headed off for some shopping. I got an adorable J Lo dress from Kohls and a new mint shirt that looks great under my emerald cardigan. I promise I will post photos. Met up with a bestie of mine, Amanda. She moved to San Diego a year and a half ago. I miss her so much and when we get together you can bet there will be champagne and giggles and funny photos.

And some crazy facial hair theatrics.

Sunday was a completely lazy day and i was grateful, but I really need to get my full length mirror installed.

Looking forward to my week, I have a half day Friday for Easter. Yay! Have a great one.